It may not be today.

It may not be tomorrow.

But know that soon, you’re going to eat kebab dogs and sweetened rose petals.

Please just know that.

Come. Meet Masti, a casual new spot for casually eating Indian street food and casually becoming a happier person as a direct result of that, now open in Toco Hills. (Oh, look, it’s a slideshow and a menu.)

There’s a bar up front, but until the liquor license comes through, it’s BYOB. Which is pretty fantastic. There’s also the dining room, where you’ll go for lunch or a no-pressure fourth date and enjoy things like deconstructed samosas and Masti Masala Fries with crushed cheese curds.

And as you leave, maybe stop by the to-go bar filled with random Indian treasures and grab some gratis candied ginger strips or dried sweetened rose petals.

We promised you sweetened rose petals